Do you want to receive a full education or is entry-level enough for you? A CIDESCO education is the difference between our curriculum and that of other schools in the area. A degree is not required to be an Esthetician; however, there is a huge difference between learning the CIDESCO curriculum and what you will learn at non-CIDESCO schools that require only the state minimum hours.

Would you like to be the employee requested by a 5 Star Spa? With a CIDESCO education you will be the dream applicant.

Independence College of Cosmetology is the second international skin care school in the United States. We achieved this qualification after months of extensive preparation in all phases of skin care training including facials, body massage, reflexology,  manicures, pedicures, body treatments, product ingredient knowledge, skin care machines and make-up.

Students who complete this training are eligible to take a prestigious exam to earn the CIDESDO Diploma. The international CIDESCO Diploma is the world’s most distinguished beauty qualification symbolizing a high level of professional education and experience. It is recognized all over the world. This unique examination allows those who pass to join the elite who are at the top of the esthetics profession as a CIDESCO Diplomate.

The creation of the COMITE INTERNATIONAL D’ESTHETIQUE ET DE COSMETOLOGIE, or CIDESCO, was the idea of an educator from Brussels, Belgium and another from Paris, France. CIDESCO was created to work toward universal standards for Estheticians. The official birth date of CIDESCO was December 1946. It is now headquartered Zurich, Switzerland. It took a number of years to create and conceive (with the cooperation of professionals all over the world) the CIDESCO standards for estheticians and their training.

CIDESCO guidelines have been utilized as a standard for training in Europe for decades. These same standards have only recently been introduced in the United States. The Independence College of Cosmetology met the international standards of CIDESCO in 1995 and since then has been educating students to take the CIDESCO exam.

Students who pass the CIDESCO exam will enter the Esthetics industry with knowledge far exceeding that of an individual trained in only facials or body massage. A CIDESCO-trained Esthetician can provide full body care; they will have knowledge equaling them to Estheticians trained anywhere in the world. These students are qualified to own and operate body care spas, work with plastic surgeons, dermatologists and clients with skin problems. They can also provide services to those who just want to maintain healthy skin.

CIDESCO Post Graduate Examination

Estheticians who already have a license may qualify to earn the CIDESCO Diploma.
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