Cosmetology Jobs

Is working a fulfilling career important to you?

The cosmetology industry offers a variety of positions with a wide income range.

Hair Designer Educator
Esthetician Make-up Artist
Manicurist Salon Manager
Research Specialist Beauty Magazine Writer
Sales Representative Cosmetic Buyer
Massage Therapist Advertising/Promoter
Spa Owner Photo Stylist
Platform Artist Cruise Line Stylist
Demonstrator State Board Inspector
Business Owner Hair Color Specialist
Microdermabrasion Specialist And Many More!

The EARNING POWER in the cosmetology field is unlimited!
But don’t just take my word for it.

April 2001 Article in 101 Hairstyles ‘A Stylish Career Choice’ ‘Even in 1990, the average salary for full-time cosmetologists was $25,931 plus $4,546 in tips’.

And, ‘in 1998 for salon professionals was $18.54 per hour while salon owners averaged $22.03 per hour.’

‘The corresponding full-time salaries were $45,822 for salon owner, $35,193 for salon employees and $38,563 for all professionals, both employees and salon owners, inclusive of tips.’

The same April 2001 article also states:

‘There are plenty of fresh new opportunities for work in cosmetology with a zero unemployment factor.’

‘About one quarter of all new positions have been filled by inexperienced new salon workers.’

‘Ninety-two percent or the vast majority of salon workers have one or more years of experience and are employed by full-service salons.’ April 2001 Article in 101 Hairstyles ‘A Stylish Career Choice’