Pivot Point

Independence College of Cosmetology is honored to have been a Pivot Point member school since 1969. Pivot Point hair design is a fine art and the student is the designer.

Pivot Point’s educational philosophy was originally conceived by Leo Passage. As an international champion hair designer he spent many years developing his distinctive Scientific Approach to teaching hair design. This approach is based on the principle that “hair design is an art form with hair as the medium”.

Pivot Point is the most widely accepted cosmetology training system in the world. It has been translated into thirteen languages and is used in over 70 countries. Pivot Point uses a methodology that allows learning at the emotional, visual, analytical and manual level.

Our delivery tools are interactive, providing students and educators with the most current in depth knowledge of art and design theory, as well as practical exercises and communication skills.

Pivot Point has consulted the University of Chicago Fine Arts department and hair theorists as well as art design specialists around the world to validate their innovative training system. This approach to hair design guides students through the basic elements of texture, design/form and color. Students learn to visualize the elements as one, then mix and match them to create a variety of hair designs that is almost endless. It’s scientifically proven to work!

Independence College of Cosmetology delivers state-of-the-art education using our own experience since opening the College in 1960 along with the Pivot Point curriculum.

Visit Pivot Point’s website at www.pivot-point.com.